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Whether your marketing campaign tackles ASO or SEO, one thing you need to keep in mind is keywords, keywords and again keywords. First and foremost, ASO keyword strategy is slightly different from web optimization. The number of possible keywords is set to 100 characters and you should maximize your description and use every single character.

Below are 5 strategies for app store keyword optimization for better visibility.

1. Use Comma

SEO is all about descriptive, long-tail keywords with high search volume and low competition rate. ASO keywords consist of one individual keyword. So keep it consistent and separate each keyword with commas. Since the number of characters is limited, try to list keywords without spaces before and after keywords.

2. Use digits 

Another tip to save space is to use digits instead of words. For example if your description includes “seven”, you can input extra relevant keyword by using only “7”.

3. No “Stop Words”

For SEO purposes, in search query stopwords  like a, the, of, for are usually filtered out by Google. In ASO it is also true. These stopwords do not make any difference in your keyword list. However, depending on circumstances it might be wise to include it. For example, if you target very specific keyword phrase with stopword included, use it without hesitation for your app to show up in searches.

4. No repeated keywords

It is important to have unique keywords in you list. Repeating the same keyword will only take up your valuable character space. If your app name contains three words, try to look for synonyms and related words to include in your description.

5. Avoid keyword stuffing 

Related to the point above, there is no particular need to mention this prohibited tactic. Keyword stuffing in SEO can result in penalization from Google, so doing both SEO and ASO, keep away from including too many keywords. It may ruin the quality and user experience of your app.

In conclusion

Since the web and app platforms have its own unique characteristics and ways of targeting audience, SEO and ASO keyword strategies vary slightly from one another. However, one common thing unites both. Keyword optimization does require time and patience! Make sure to maximize your strategy in choosing the best performing keyword and use it in a way to optimize your available space.

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Leave your comments down below if you think SEO is harder to conduct compared to ASO.

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