What Are The Limits Of Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign” – Jon Buscall. 


Every marketer strives for engaging, unique and trustworthy content. We question length, keywords, visuals and links. However, with numerous information available online in various types and shapes, is there a future for quality content to reach its audience? Is there any limit to content strategy?


Viral Content

This type of content takes mass audience by storm mostly on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Currently, Buzzfeed leads the viral game with its entertaining content in both news and video format. However, if your company is not Buzzfeed or Huffington Post, it might take awhile to reach the level of viral. Indeed, Marketing Land article on “Why “Go Viral” Is Not An Effective Content Marketing Strategy” suggests the following:

Most content you create will never go viral. But if you create useful content that your readers/fans/followers want to read, you’ll still have content marketing success.


Google Game

If viral content is not an ultimate goal of your marketing team, then there is another challenge for your content generation. SEO has always been and is a tricky part of marketing, with Google algorithms changes and search crawlers becoming more and more intelligent. Numerous tools are suggesting long-tail keywords or competitors keywords, tons of agencies are promising the first rank on Google. However, search engines like Google are no longer only matching keywords, they are matching related concepts and topics. Thus, apart from general SEO rules, diverse set of related keywords is needed to organically promote content on Google.


Final Goal

Do you believe content alone is enough?

Patience and perseverance are both needed for anyone pursuing the effective content strategy. Attracting a client or customer is just the first step of the marketing funnel. However, its crucial role defines how well you targeted, introduced your brand and created relationship with new clients. Even though the tangible results from content marketing might reflect number of shares, likes and comments, instead of immediate monetary value, this type of marketing indeed needed for all types of businesses to pursue in the upcoming “digital years”.

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