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English journalist and short story novelist, Rudyard Kipling once wrote:

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”

We are capable of both killing and healing with words we speak to oneself and others. Taking into consideration the number of words average person know, there are numerous ways of how we can express our emotions and messages we want to deliver. Below is the list of 3 powerful words to empower yourself and people around you.


1. Imagine

Everything starts with an image in your head, a thought, an idea. It might be blurry at the beginning, but the more you start connecting small pieces one by one, the more your imagination amplify. With this word in your mind everything is possible. It opens up endless opportunities and possibilities to multiply, extend and flourish. Imagine now, you won the prize, you pass the exam, you saved someone’s life.

6. Believe

Passion comes when there is a belief. Whether it is a person you believe in or a startup idea you have been carefully nourishing all these years, belief is what makes you alive. It is the first step to success. With belief there is only one path, without external limitations and obstacles. On this path everything is possible!

3. Act

Finally, it is an action, that makes belief from your imagination a reality. Act is indeed the most powerful one among three words, since it defines the outcome. You take risks and leave your comfort zone to make your beliefs come true and achieve your goals. You are capable of not only make action yourself, but also inspire people to take one, by reminding them to always keep their imagination alive and not give up their beliefs.

Imagine – Believe – Act

Words we incorporate in our speech most of the times reflect not only our attitudes to others, but also to ourselves. In order to feel powerful inside and share your positive energy, eliminating negativity in words is a must. “Power killers”are pessimistic words, that remove all enthusiasm and passion from your interactions with others. Not only it transmits negativity to conversation, but also infects you in a discouraging and dispiriting way.

I can’t

I don’t think

I don’t have the time

Instead, empower yourself and people around you with positivity: 

I can

I will

I will make the time

To help you choose powerful positive words for your blog post or public speech, check this online writing tool. Share with us some words that make you powerful in comment box down below!

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