What are Content Marketer’s Pain Points?

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One can hardly doubt the importance of content marketing in 2016. As we covered in previous blog post on digital trends of this year, content marketing is extremely crucial for your website performance:

Companies running an active blog generate 67% more leads on a monthly basis than those who don’t.

On the one hand, this statistic is a relief if your company is capable of producing quality content on a daily basis, but on the other hand, for most businesses, it is a red flag. Indeed, blogging is not a piece of cake for beginners content writers. Apart from its time consuming procedure, the following pain points arise:

  1. How can I generate a list of keywords for search engine optimization?
  2.  Is there a faster solution to finding topic tags for my content?
  3.  What are some related words I can use instead of repeating the same old expressions?
  4.  I need more vocabulary to make my content more interesting!
  5. How do I make sure my writing doesn’t sound too biased?

If you are nodding your head in agreement to these points, feeling the exact bitter feelings, there are two solutions for you.

Twinword Writer Plugin is a tool to help you automate your writing experience. Save time by looking for synonyms or LSI keywords with just one click on a word and easily generate relevant topic tags based on your writing.

Twinword SEO Plugin will assist you in generating long tail keywords in real time while you are writing your blog at WordPress. See instantly whether a particular keyword is highly searched or highly competitive.

You can incorporate these two tools in bundle at WordPress and check if it improved your writing experience. Indeed these 5 questions are not the only pain points of the content marketer.

If you have more to add and share your experience, leave us a comment down below. Also if you are aware of any other tools that help you combat a “blogger’s block” do not hesitate to share!


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