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Technology has changed the way we live forever. Like it or not, it is no longer a choice but a mandatory “keep up or get eliminated”.

There are countless tools and applications on the internet to help us work smart and increase productivity. Thanks to big data, the internet is getting smarter, and this growing intelligence and insights is populating a new kind of search phenomenon: Semantic search.



Defining Semantic Search

“Semantic search is a data searching technique in a which a search query aims to not only find keywords, but to determine the intent and contextual meaning of the the words a person is using for search.

Semantic search provides more meaningful search results by evaluating and understanding the search phrase and finding the most relevant results in a website, database or any other data repository.” (Technopedia)


5 Main attributes of semantic search

– Concept matching
– Synonyms matching
– Knowledge matching
– Natural language queries and questions
– Ability to point to uninterrupted paragraph and the most relevant sentence

In other words, this new age search methodology has greatly improved the experience of researching on the internet. Let us take a look at the practicality of this semantic search tool: Twinword Finder.


Using semantic search

A native browser search (Ctrl+F) returned 0 result for the search term “Art History” as shown below.


Whereas Semantic search by Twinword Finder returned 58 results.




The natural language technology was able to identify related words between the search terms. (As shown in the word map, “classical”, “artist”, “gallery”, “film”, and so on) On top of that, important paragraphs are highlighted, allowing users to skip the unnecessary reading and “jump to the relevant information” that they are interested in. After all, productivity is all about saving time and maximizing output ain’t it?

Twinword Finder is now available for download on Chrome Store. Click the link to help you get started.





Cindy Kang
Cindy Kang
SEO Marketing Consultant at Twinword, Inc.

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