Screenshot of Google DeepMind home page featuring AlphaGo

Since we all know the computer can beat go game champion thanks to AlphaGo, this question comes up to me. What makes human unique?


Probably, there are many answers like language, tools, morality, religion, and reasoning. Throughout our human history, this is the fact. As we know more about nature, animals, the universe, and ourselves, the obvious findings are we are not significantly different to the others. Furthermore, machines can reason better at the most sophisticated board game.

If we are not unique existence in many ways what does this mean to us? At the same time, why we have to pursue or be satisfied with finding uniqueness? What if we finally find out that we are not alone at many abilities, still can we live happily?

Historically, human egoism has been decayed by Copernican theory, Darwin’s Evolution theory, and Freud’s unconscious mind theory. It means we are not the center of the universe, we are very similar to animals, and we cannot control ourselves.

Now, AlphaGo is threatening our reasoning ability.

We should not take these as a sign of we are meaningless or we are inferior to a machine. I believe these new facts should make us humble and co-exist with nature, the universe, animals, and man-made machines.

Because the beauty of human being is in an ability to learn and to live together with other life and non-life forms as well.

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