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Writing online has become an essential part of our daily routine. Whether an email, essay assignment or quick memo, there is always a need to “sketch” our thoughts online. One of the destination for bloggers and online writers is Twinword Writer, from 15 Apps for Writing Better Paper Essays and 31 Best Tools for Improving your Writing Skills. Check out how you can utilize this web application  to write your stories online with three major features.

Your Stories Unique 

Breathe new life in the content of your written masterpiece with various synonyms. Instead of repeating the same word over and over again, use automated word suggestions, that give you a list of related words. If you stuck on a word “various”, get recommendations like “multiple” and “several”. Save your time switching back and forth from one page to another.


Your Stories Positive

Have you ever wondered how your blog, poem or novel will be perceived from readers? It can bring them joy, sadness, inspiration, fear or ultimate happiness. Twinword Writer allows you to check the tone of your writing. Is your writing too negative? Check specific keyword, that contribute to the negativity and quickly change it.


Your Stories Safe 

For multiple writings, you can store your stories on the left bar and access immediately for any changes. However, the most surprising part is in word recognition technology. In case you remember the keyword from a particular story but do not remember the exact name of the title, input the word in search bar and Twinword Writer will connect words and retrieve you back the story you need.


Apart from these benefits of Twinword Writer, this tool also provides great analytic insights from your writing. You can check how many times one specific word was used in your writing with Word Count.

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