Why Does Good Content Not Go viral? Mystery solved!

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Every writer, marketer, blogger wants their content to spread far and wide. We would expect that better content gets better exposure. However, this is not always true. The reason for this is because of the three letters we hear way too often‐SEO. Yes, we all have heard of it. Search Engine Optimization.


The internet is the world wide web and as the name suggests, it is indeed wide. It is also crowded. Imagine a huge spider web, but overcrowded with spiders. That’s what the internet looks like these days. Because of this, it is hard to find your page buried among other sites with similar content, more specifically, similar keywords.


Things have changed

Nowadays we can’t just include a few keywords in our webpages and expect it to show up on top. The internet has come a long way and things have changed.

Due to the overwhelming flood of sites these days, big search engines are no longer only matching keywords anymore; they are matching related concepts and topics. Thus, we need to show them that we are relevant.


The new search

To get ahead in this new search, we need to use a diverse set of related keywords. We need more long tail keywords (sets of keywords that more specifically describes your product or content and are better at leading to conversions). We need to stop repeating the same words over and over again and expand our vocabulary.

So the next time you write your content, try using a more diverse set of words to describe your product, service, or content. Some examples would be “lawyer” and “attorney,” “dentist” and “oral surgeon,” and “SEO” and “inbound marketing.” Spending time on using many different words will help you increase the chance you are found by users searching with words other than the popular keywords or with more specific long tail keywords.

Other than using keywords that are too popular and not worrying about expanding their SEO keyword list there is also another common mistake people do when writing their content and that is doing SEO keyword research only once.


Tools to help

If spending time on finding synonyms is a luxury you don’t have, check out Twinword Writer. This writing platform automatically recommends alternative words that are related to your content as you write. If you use WordPress for your blog, go ahead and check out our new WordPress plugin version.

Share your thoughts with us on how you define a good content in the comment box down below!




  1. J says:

    how is pro different from basic twinword?

    • Joseph Shih says:

      Great question. I assume you are referring to Twinword Finder.

      + When finding related paragraphs…
      The “BASIC” version will allow you to find relevant paragraphs normally.
      The “PRO” version will allow you to adjust your search and find only very closely related paragraphs or find only loosely related paragraphs.

      + When fine tuning your results…
      The “BASIC” version will allow you to fine tune your results by deselecting words you don’t want to be matched after seeing the result word list on the right side of the screen. However, you can only deselect a number of words.
      The “PRO” is the same except you can deselect an unlimited amount of words.

      + Ignore list…
      The “BASIC” version allows you to add a limited number of words to the ignore list.
      The “PRO” version has no limit.

      There are TWO WAYS to upgrade to PRO.
      1) PRO Free – This one is ad supported and we show a non-intrusive ad from Twinword in the settings page.
      2) PRO Paid – This is a US $1.99 one-time payment, for an unlimited number of browsers. As long as you are logged into Chrome, no matter what computer you are on, ALL of them will have the PRO Paid version of Twinword Finder.

      Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

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