Who won the most popular Google searches?

Google Search with Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Portrait Royalty-Free Stock ImageAs of December 7th, 2016, president-elect Donald Trump lost the popular vote with 62,913,088 votes to Hilary Clinton who had 65,756,948 votes.

So Clinton won the popular vote, but who was the most popular on Google?

Who’s the Most Popular on Google Search?

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Google Search with Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

According to Google search volume data, “Donald Trump” won the most popular Google search with an estimated monthly search volume of 11,100,000 in the US. Hillary Clinton also lost for both full name and last name only spellings.

Search Query Monthly Search Volume in the US
donald trump 11,100,000
trump 7,480,000
hillary clinton 5,000,000
clinton 673,000

It’s clear that Donald Trump is the victor of the search engine popularity contest.

Other Top Related Searches

Let’s looked at other popular queries related to “Donald Trump” and related to “Hillary Clinton”.

Search Query Monthly Search Volume (US) Search Query Monthly Search Volume (US)
donald trump daughter 201,000 hilary clinton [sic] 201,000
donald trump news 201,000 clinton news 74,000
donald trump video 74,000 bill clinton age 60,500
donald trump young 74,000 hillary news 33,100
donald trump family 49,500 hillary clinton com 22,200
donald trump quotes 49,500 hillary clinton birthday 18,100
donald trump height 40,500 how tall is hillary clinton 18,100
how tall is donald trump 40,500 bill clinton presidency 14,800
the apprentice 40,500 hillary clinton biography 12,100
donald trump com 33,100 hillary clinton schedule 12,100
donald trump news today 33,100 clinton campaign 9,900
donald trump schedule 33,100 hilary clinton age 9,900

Looking at all the related searches, Donald Trump wins again in a landslide. People on Google are just more interested in him than his opponent Hillary Clinton.

Bonus Round: Just for Fun

Search Query Monthly Search Volume (US) Search Query Monthly Search Volume (US)
donald trump sucks 5,400 hillary clinton sucks 4,400
donald trump is a liar 590 hillary clinton is a liar 3,600
donald trump is a criminal 90 hillary clinton is a criminal 1,900
donald trump is god 260 hillary clinton is god 0

If you want to see and compare more search volume data for your own search queries, head over to Twinword Ideas keyword research tool.

Data Source

Google search volume data was collected on December 13th, 2016 from Twinword Ideas, the first keyword research tool that can filter by user intent.

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