What is the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

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How much time do you spend on optimizing your blog content? For us, it took awhile to search for LSI and long tail keywords using various online tools like Ubersuggest or LSI Graph. Indeed, content optimization is another type of “online art” and there is always a way to be creative even if you are dealing with SEO.

Twinword SEO WordPress plugin is innovative tool to save your content optimization time and have fun with researching keywords for blog posts. Below are 4 characteristics of new SEO plugin for all content marketers and bloggers to enjoy writing process and keyword research seamlessly.

1. Auto suggest or help me get keywords based on my existing writing.

If you want to analyze your written masterpiece, whether a sentence or paragraph, go ahead and press “Auto” button. Plugin will start scanning your writing from top to bottom and automatically suggest related keywords. No input required. Just sit down, relax and in a couple of seconds Twinword SEO plugin will suggest you both matched and related keywords. Take a look at keyword suggestion example for restaurant blog. The analyzed text is “today’s recipe is roasted chicken with broccoli and spinach on the side”.


2. Manual suggest or help me get keywords based on my entered keyword.

Switching to “Manual”, you will be able to type the keyword of your choice and get related phrases. Let’s check the suggestions for ‘broccoli recipe” below.


3.  Help me choose the best keyword from the list. 

You can sort keywords by three main parameters:

  • Monthly Searches (indicates how many people have searched with this phrase).
  • Number of Results (indicates how many search results show up for this phrase).
  • KEI (ratio of daily search volume to number of results).

To maximize your chances for blog post to rank high and improve SEO efforts, the keyword generator provides sorting feature for long tail keywords. Now you can easily determine the long tail keyword with high search volume and low competition.

4. Two Extra Features

With keyword usage tracking, you will be able to automatically see which keywords suggestion you have already included in your post. It will be marked green.twinword-seo-keyword-usage Another feature that can save your time is Google SERP. Looking at the keyword list, you might often stumble upon a new concept or name. Do not waste your time switching to Google and typing the phrase in search bar, instead simply click on keyword and plugin will redirect you to Google SERP page.google-surp-page

Finally, there is no strict rule on when and how you can use the plugin. Feel free to incorporate keywords at your title, meta tags and the body text. (Try to avoid keyword stuffing!). Also it is up to you to choose the right timing:

  • Before writing (having a topic in mind, research for keywords and generate ideas)
  • During writing (if you stuck in the middle, automatically generate keywords)
  • After writing (check if you included variations of your keywords and optimized the content before you publish)

Now it is your turn to test these features of this keyword tool. Have fun with it and let us know in the comments down below if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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