Human Text Understanding
We provide APIs that understand human text.
Twinword's products are based on its patented technology of gathering a sizable database that understands, organizes and extracts true knowledge from websites and information repositories in a way that mimics natural human thought.
Twinword Finder
This search tool identifies the topics of your search query and highlights all places on a web page related to it.
Twinword Exam
Fun and easy vocabulary level test. Get customized emails daily to increase your vocabulary and track your progress.
Twinword Mind
What associations are in your mind? Take a short quiz and learn more about your personality type.
Twinword Thesaurus
Word graph dictionary where every word is connected to other words.
Twinword Writer
Twinword Writer is a better writing environment for delivering your ideas and thoughts in the most suitable vocabulary.
Twinword API
Human text understanding API for developers: Word Associations, Topic Tagging, Test Classification, Sentiment Analysis, and much more.
for Developers
For developers that want to go beyond our out-of-the-box applications, all Twinword enterprise customers are also equipped with a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, sample application code, current documentation and best practices.
Word Associations Icon
What's another word for...? Get synonyms and related words for one word or a phrase.
Sentiment Analysis Icon
Is this comment positive or negative? Find out the tone.
Topic Tagging Icon
Automatically generate topics and keywords for articles and blogs.
Text Classification Icon
Suggest related categories for each blog, article, or post.
and Partners
We welcome any kinds of business partners who may be keen to utilize our API to develop new applications! At Twinword, we thrive to grow and develop with our valuable partners!