Who We Are

We built the first AI-powered keyword research tool that uses smart filters to quickly narrow down your keywords. Just pick a user intent, topic, or pattern and let our A.I. do the rest.
Based on text analysis technologies, Twinword Ideas helps marketers filter and select relevant keywords faster for successful content marketing and paid search marketing campaigns.
We will continue to innovate because we love languages, we love communication, we love cultural differences, and most importantly, we believe that we can help people effectively communicate with each other.

Our Product History

  • 2012 MayNLP & Human Computation

    Started collecting and cleansing data on relationships between words.
  • 2012 DecemberTwinword Exam

    Launched an online vocabulary test that helps people to understand words quickly and memorize them effectively.
  • 2013 DecemberTwinword API

    Launched a Natural Language Processing (NLP) API for Topic Tagging, which automatically generates topics and keywords for articles and blogs.
  • 2015 JanTwinword Writer

    Launched an online word processor for writers and content marketers needing synonyms and related words.
  • 2015 MayTwinword Mind

    Launched an online word association test that evaluates your behavioral traits into one of our 16 segmented personality types.
  • 2015 JulyTwinword Graph

    Launched an online visual dictionary and thesaurus that shows synonyms and the relationships between related words.
  • 2015 AugustTwinword Finder

    Launched a browser extension that allows searching for exact and related word matches within a web page.
  • 2016 JanuaryTwinword Writer Wordpress Plugin

    Launched a WordPress plugin that allow writers access to all the features of the web app without having to leave their writing platform.
  • 2016 MarchTwinword SEO Wordpress Plugin

    Launched a WordPress plugin that suggests and tracks keywords while writing and provides monthly search volume, number of results, and KEI statistics for each keyword.
  • 2017 AprilTwinword Ideas

    Launched the first AI-powered keyword research tool that speeds up the keyword research process and helps you discover the right keywords for your content marketing and search marketing success.