Who We Are

Our technology understands the understanding of the human conceptual mind through the science of word association; via application platforms such as vocabulary, creativity, and psychological assessments. We integrate big data and trend-discovery artificial intelligence based on analytical feedbacks.

Twinword's products are based on its patented technology of gathering a database that understands, organizes and extracts true knowledge from websites and information repositories in a way that mimics natural human thought.

We will continue to innovate because we love languages, we love communication, we love cultural differences, and most importantly, we believe that we can help people effectively communicate with each other.


Our Product History

  •  NLP & Human Computation

    Started collecting and cleansing data on relationships between words.
  •  Vocabulary Test

    Launched an online vocabulary test that helps people to understand words quickly and memorize them effectively.
  •  Text Analysis API

    Launched a Natural Language Processing (NLP) API for Topic Tagging, which automatically generates topics and keywords for articles and blogs.
  •  Writing Tool

    Launched an online word processor for writers and content marketers needing synonyms and related words.
  •  Word Association Test

    Launched an online word association test that evaluates your behavioral traits into one of our 16 segmented personality types.
  •  Visual Dictionary

    Launched an online visual dictionary and thesaurus that shows synonyms and the relationships between related words.
  •  Smart Ctrl+F

    Launched a browser extension that allows searching for exact and related word matches within a web page.
  •  Keyword Research

    Launched the first AI-powered keyword research tool that speeds up the keyword research process and helps you discover the right keywords for your content marketing and search marketing success.