About us

Who we are

Twinword provides text analysis APIs that can understand and associate words in the same way as humans do. Our APIs are currently being used by search engines, online e-Commerce sites, and many other developers creating software that analyzes and categorize text. Beyond that, we also have a few consumer products related to writing, searching, and learning that uses our APIs and showcases its power.
Our motivated team is always working on improving our technology. We welcome any kinds of business partners who may be keen to utilize our API to develop new applications. At Twinword, we thrive to grow and develop with our valuable partners!

Our story

We constantly communicate with others. We try to understand each other. We try to deliver our thoughts as clearly as possible. However, many times our communication ends up misunderstood. There is a need to know our cultural differences and context.

For instance, what do you think of when you see or hear the word "chocolate"? According to psychological studies, many Americans associated it with "guilt" while many French recalled "celebration". Knowing this difference in advance is necessary for contextual ads or keyword research. In fact, these cultural differences and regional word associations can be utilized for effective communication, associative learning, localized marketing, and the detection of trending public opinion.

Like most experts in Big Data analysis, we believe that the current level of human text understanding technology is not sufficient enough to meet expectations. That's why we started to build this data. This information is collected from individuals from across the globe through their responses submitted while using our apps, including vocabulary tests, personality tests and writing tools.

These responses are then anonymized, cleansed, and classified by region. We have already launched several consumer and business applications such as an advanced Ctrl+F search tool, keyword research tool, and text analytics API.

We will continue to innovate because we love languages, we love communication, we love cultural differences, and most importantly, we believe that we can help people effectively communicate with each other.