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Screenshot of Twinword Writer using Tone Analyzer

Twinword Writer

Twinword Writer is a better writing environment for delivering your ideas and thoughts in the most suitable vocabulary.

Screenshot of Twinword Graph

Twinword Graph

Twinword Graph is an online visual word association dictionary that includes synonyms, context words, theme words, broad terms, narrow terms, evocations, derived terms, and antonyms.

Screenshot of Site SEO Audit Report

Site SEO Audit Tool

Get a free audit of your website with this free tool. Download or email yourself a PDF report of the results. See problems and learn about how to fix them.

Language Scoring API: Evaluate the difficulty level of a word, sentence, or paragraph caption

Language Scoring Tool

Use this free tool to quickly see the difficulty of your text or article.

Text Similarity API Demo Screenshot

Text Similarity Tool

Use this free tool to see quickly if two documents or articles are similar. It not only matches words but it also matches actual meanings.