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Twinword is a technology-oriented startup that provides text analysis APIs that can understand and associate words in the same way as humans do. Our APIs are currently being used by search engines, online e-Commerce sites, and many other developers creating software that analysis and categorize text. Beyond that, we also have a few consumer products related to writing, searching, and learning that uses our APIs and showcases its power. We work in pretty much collaborative environment where everyone's expected to be creative. We have casual meeting frequently to set up new goals or brainstorm solutions remotely and locally. We're looking for curious, anti-stereo type, and open minded people. Location is not a matter as long as we share our goal together and enjoy it.
Data Engineer / Backend Developer

We are looking for a new team member with a strong background in algorithms, programming, and statistics. The ideal candidate is a person who is passionate about text analytics, uncovering hidden values from big data, and creating solutions to solve real world business problems.

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Marketing Consultant

We are looking for a new team member to help us execute marketing consulting service for client companies in South Korea. The ideal candidate is a person who is passionate about marketing and has performed lead generation, but we are also considering graduating students who are very familiar to the US culture and who are majoring in marketing.

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