How To Check English Word Difficulty?

Mastering a language is not an easy task, especially if you stumble upon difficult vocabulary. Take a look at how you can check the language score and figure out what the hard words are.

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How to access vocabulary difficulty?

Typically, vocabulary difficulty is useful to learners as second language. And the usefulness is beyond language learning. It is very important to automatic language processing or communicative writing as well. If we know what vocabulary is easy or not, we can use those information to assess text difficulty or composing article, and assessing language level.

The problem is that there are no concrete criteria. Language itself is changing constantly.

Yesterday’s difficult vocabulary become popular today and become easy and essential vocabulary.

There are no scientific, mathematic way to measure vocabulary difficulty as well. Only useful hints are popularity in everyday usages, context within sentence, and word senses in semantics.


Twinword’s Language Score

Twinword’s approach is based on word frequency to assess vocabulary difficulty, but on top of that considered several factors like exam occurrence. We also constantly update language database reflecting Twinword Exam test taker’s vocabulary test results. To make it helpful for English language learners, 10-level difficulty system was coined.

English Word Difficulty Counts

For app developers, Twinword’s language score API receive word or text and output its value(10-level difficulty) and normalized value between 0 to 1.

"ten_degree": 6,
 "value": 0.18788740723541,
 "version": "5.0.0",
 "author": "twinword inc.",
 "email": "[email protected]",
 "result_code": "200",
 "result_msg": "Success"


Try it yourself! Check how difficult is your writing and share how would you use language scoring API!

Also, if you want to challenge yourself and find out your understanding of complicated words, check Twinword Exam!



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