Keyword Research

April 26, 2017

Tool for Finding New Marketing Trends and Other Trending Topics

Twinword Ideas just added a new feature to help you find what’s trending related to your company, product, or campaign. Under the “Trending” tab in Twinword Ideas, […]
April 24, 2017

What Is Keyword Difficulty Or Organic Competition And How To Understand It

Last week, we added a new keyword score called Organic Competition to Twinword Ideas. What is it? Organic Competition (or Keyword Difficulty) is a score indicating how […]
April 5, 2017

[PRESS RELEASE] Big Data Company Launches SEO Keyword Tool

San Jose, CA: Twinword Inc., a big data venture specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has announced the launch of new keyword research tool, Twinword Ideas. The […]
December 12, 2016

Who won the most popular Google searches?

As of December 7th, 2016, president-elect Donald Trump lost the popular vote with 62,913,088 votes to Hilary Clinton who had 65,756,948 votes. So Clinton won the popular vote, […]
November 23, 2016

The Different Types of User Intent

Different schools of thought have different ways of grouping and naming them. Some classify them into broader categories. Some narrower. However, the overall categorization of user intent of web […]
November 11, 2016

If Keyword Search Volume is Low, Can I Still Choose It?

During keyword research process how many times have you stumbled upon this result?  Imagine the initial keyword perfectly reflects your business goals, however the search volume […]
November 10, 2016

Reasons Why You Should Use LSI Keywords in Blog Posts

  Incorporating LSI keywords in content optimization strategy is one of the most popular suggestions from digital marketers and SEO experts online. First, what are LSI keywords? […]
October 5, 2016

New Keyword Generation Tools To Include In SEO Toolbox

Every year more and more players emerge in SEO market to ease the process of keyword research, link building or content generation. In these series, take a […]
April 18, 2016

3 Best LSI Keyword Tools For SEO

Ask any SEO content marketer about LSI keywords and you will get 2 hours long lecture on why LSI keywords matter and how beneficial it is […]