October 25, 2017
Keyword Research for Online Advertising

Do You Need Keyword Research For Online Advertising?

Between “online ad” and “online ad rates” what would you choose for your PPC campaign? Option number one, “online ad” is the example of broad match keyword and “online ad rates” is one of the variations of long-tail keywords. The results of your PPC campaign depends on multiple factors, however, the first […]
September 16, 2016
LSI Keyword Tool Twinword Ideas caption

What Does Twinword Ideas – LSI Keyword Tool – Stand For?

Have you ever done keyword research for SEO or PPC campaigns? Or have you ever searched for long-tail keywords to use in a brand new blog post? Indeed, to discover that “golden” keyword, most of us spend quite some time to search, sort, compare and export. Besides, can you recall how many […]