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Albert Einstein once said that “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”. As we move towards a knowledge-based society, the importance of education has also increased immensely. Education has gone from offline to online, from classroom learning to e-learning, where physical location restrictions are no longer an excuse for illiteracy.

In this post, we investigate some APIs that can be used for building of education applications.


Word Quiz API

This API allows you to build vocabulary quiz/game applications using groups of related words. For example, “beer” is related to “bar”, “alcohol” and “wine” whereas “coffee” is related to “hot”, “drink”, and “cup”. Word associations is very effective for learning vocabulary because it helps people to understand the words quickly and memorize them effectively.

Application: Customized word association quiz for game and e-learning software. E.g. Select the word that is most closely related to the given group of words. Vocabulary test with levels and exam-specific words (SAT, GMAT, etc). We built Twinword Exam with this API.


Visual Context Graph API

This API generates diagram information for visualizing concepts and mind maps. The map is generated using the diagram data from Twinword and D3.js, a JavaScript library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers.

Application: Build a graph or mind map with words connected to other words. Build a vocabulary learning applications for visual learners. (You may also like to read: Learn New Words With Visual Word Graph.)


Language Scoring API

This API evaluates the difficulty level of a word, sentence, or paragraph and compare it with another.

Application: This will be helpful for your education app as this API allows word, sentence, or paragraph to be classified in different levels of difficulty. Let your app users know where do they stand before the actual test.


Word Associations API

This API gets you word associations with semantic distance score. You can tell how closely related 2 words are to each other.

Application: Use it to build writing application that provides word suggestions. We built Twinword Writer with this API.


Check out Twinword API for developers for our full list of APIs.

Succeeding the “Lifelong Learning” quote from Albert Einstein, and in the next few generations to come, we can expect education models to be further optimized and learning to be borderless!



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