4 Basic Types Of Call-To-Action Buttons You’ll Want To Have

Have you ever wondered why your company diligently generates blog posts? This process introduces your business, as well as converts visitors into leads. One way to achieve the goal is to include Call-To-Action buttons throughout your blog. CTA buttons or just that, a call to action. Try not to overwhelm the user, but let him or her explore more about your product. Check out these four strategic types of CTAs that will help you deliver a lot more than an engaging blog post.



1. End of Blog CTA

Consider CTA as a form of art, since its goal is to draw reader’s attention. Keep in mind not only the context of CTA, but its size, color and position. One of the most common location of CTA is at the bottom of the blog post. It is logical, that after reading about how to solve some sort of problem, people may be looking for tools that you that you use. If your company provides demos or free trials, lead-nurture your clients to see the product right after they read through your content. Within WordPress you can customize your CTA by choosing the most compelling CTA message, Button Link/Text and CTA Background Color.


2. Related Topic CTA

“Call to action give your visitors the opportunity to take the actions you want them to take”

This quote from “Call to Action: Secret Formula to Improve Online Results” by Bryan Eisenberg, perfectly describes CTA’s core function. Here interlinking comes to play, when user can learn more information, related to your topic. You can input call-to-action that will direct readers to one of your previous blog posts or another outside source. For example: curious if colors really matter for conversion optimization? Check which color of CTA converts the most?

3. Social Media CTA

No doubts, social media is a must have for any type of business in 20th century. Like a widely spread cloud, it surrounds your user from all possible “angles”. Take this opportunity to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as other types of CTA to let your customer connect through social. There are mainly two types of social media presence in your blog. One shares your content straight to customer’s page or another simply links to your own media channels. In the ideal situation, having both increases your chances of exposing your content and brand to potential buyers. 



4. Comment CTA

The biggest inspiration for this last CTA type is Youtube. Youtubers are masters of encouraging their viewers to comment below the video and it works like magic. Take a look at one of the fastest growing Youtube celebrity in history. Superwoman has more than a billion views and an annual income of $2.5 million.


Her “secret sauce” is in continuous discussions where the video ends with an open ended question such as “Comment on what was your favorite part of the video was.” What’s more surprising is that you can find viewers-generated suggestions for the next video in the comments. So one thing that bloggers can learn from Youtubers is to include CTAs to promote engagement.

The end of the blog post is not the finish line. Your unique and engaging content is just the beginning of the conversion. Make sure you get maximum value by including effective call to action text and strong call to action design.

Comment below on which of the four types mentioned above you currently have and which one do you think is the most useful for you.

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