If you take a closer look at the spider-shaped word graph below, you will probably notice that a dividing line runs across the middle portion, separating crisp as a sound and a kind of food.

And let me explain why that is so.

Crisp, according to Oxford Dictionary, is a wafer-thin slice of potato fried of baked until crisp and eaten as a snack. Differing from the British’s definition of Crisp, the US dictionary interprets it as a sound. Which is why we see two different groups of words, relating to Crisp (as a sound) or Crisp (as a kind of food).



Graph brought to you by Visual Context Graph API.


Our technology understands human language and we gather inputs from how people associate one word with another. Which side of the graph do you belong to?



Cindy Kang
SEO Marketing Consultant at Twinword, Inc.

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