New Keyword Grouping UI Launched! Twinword Ideas Keyword Research Tool

Twinword Ideas New Keyword Grouping UI

This week, we launched a new UI for our free keyword research tool!


Automatic Keyword Grouping

The focus is making the process of creating keyword groups or keyword clusters easier. We do this by automatically grouping keywords with our AI technology.

Twinword Ideas New Keyword Grouping UI


Three Types of Groups

Start with either the Suggest tab or the Import tab. With the Suggest tab, you can search and get a long list of keyword suggestions. With the import tab, you can just add your own and get statistics.

Once you have your list of keywords, you can group those keywords automatically.

Just click the green circle button to get started.

Group by User Intent

Twinword Ideas is the first and only tool that can detect a keyword’s user intent. If you want to group together keywords where the user searching that keyword is trying to understand something (informational search), group by the “Know” intent. Read more about our five different user intents.

Group by Topic

Leverage AI technology by putting together keyword with the same meanings! You can group keywords that have similar topics much faster than doing it one by one.

Select one of the topic the tool detects within your keyword list or just type in your own. Once created, you can also adjust the relevance score threshold to fine tune which keywords make it into the group and which don’t.

Group by Pattern

Our NLP technology allows us to process text to notice patterns. Select from our detected patterns or type in your own. Keywords that match the pattern will be included in the group.


Automatically Make Keyword Clusters Now

Using the power of our AI, you can create your target keyword list with your keyword clusters (groups) in a fraction of time it took you the old way.

Try out our free keyword tool now!



Team Twinword
Team Twinword
Team Twinword built the first keyword research tool that can automatically detect user intent, topic, and pattern. The tool uses AI technology to automatically create keyword suggestion groups based user intent, detected topic and pattern, or a custom topic and pattern. Keyword research is faster with AI.

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