We have a new tutorial for Twinword Ideas!

The movie shows 5 features of Twinword Ideas which assist your SEO keyword research!



1. 40 languages and 200 locations

Keywords are different based on location, language, culture. You can check the trend of the related keyword in your country with adjusting the language and location select.

Twinword Ideas - keyword research with 40 different languages and 200 locations



2. Target relevance

The most powerful feature of Twinword Ideas! Twinword Ideas can search not only the keyword you are interest in, but also specific interest keyword with ‘Target Relevance.’ For instance, let’s say we are looking for the keyword for ‘wireless earphone.’ But you want to be more specify the keyword, like ‘sports.’ When you put the sports in ‘Target Relevance’, you will see the results such as ‘best bluetooth earphones for swimming’ or ‘bluetooth headphones for running.’

Twinword Ideas - best free keyword research tool with target relevance


3. User Intent

You can’t miss ‘User Intent.’ As Wikipedia explained, user intent keyword always has a certain purpose. ‘know’, ‘do’, ‘buy’, ‘local’ and ‘web’

Here are examples of ‘wireless earphone.’

Know – how to make headphones wireless – when user is looking for facts or how-to method

Do – find wireless headphones for tv– When user wants to fulfill a task online

Buy – how much are wireless earbuds – The keyword to looking for something to buy

Local – where do buy wireless headphones – when user wants to visit certain place for purpose.

Web – wireless hadphones walmart – when user wants to visit specific website or page.

The definition and more detil information about User Intent is in our blog posting, ‘The different types of user intent.’

Twinword Ideas - best free keyword research tool with user intent



4. Import

At ‘Import’ section, you can easily compare search volume and competition across multiple keywords you choose.

Twinword Ideas - Compare keywords easily



 5. Graph

Do you need a new idea for keywords? ‘Graph’ tap will help you. You can check brainstorm related LSI keywords in easy.

Twinword Ideas - best free LSI keyword tool with brainstorming graph


How are the Twinword Ideas and new tutorial video?

Go and check the features at Twinword Ideas which make keyword research easy.

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Based on text analysis technologies, we developed Twinword Ideas to help marketers select relevant keywords faster. Powered by A.I., Twinword Ideas groups keywords by user intent, popular topics and patterns.

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