Twinword Graph Has Been Chosen As 10 Useful DuckDuckGo Instant Answers

A while ago’s, MakeUseOf published an article about the top 10 most useful “Instant Answers” on DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine. Since then, we have enhanced the service to also offer multiple words. This is all made possible by the technology of Twinword Graph, a visual thesaurus based on our word graph of how people associate words in their minds.

To see our technology in action in this search engine, go to DuckDuckGo and search “words like” (or with other trigger phrases like “related to” and “similar to”) plus the word or phrase you want related words for. It’s that simple!



Try the Related words instant answer.

It is a basic rule of good writing that one should avoid overuse of the same words. That’s where a synonym-enriched vocabulary comes into its own. Or you could cheat with DuckDuckGo and use this instant answer to get a list of similar words.

(Source: 10 Useful DuckDuckGo Instant Answers That Save You Time & A Few Clicks)

Get more out of DuckDuckGo now. Enjoy!



Team Twinword
Based on text analysis technologies, we developed Twinword Ideas to help marketers select relevant keywords faster. Powered by A.I., Twinword Ideas groups keywords by user intent, popular topics and patterns.

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