Twinword Graph Integrated With Wiktionary

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Dear users of Twinword Graph, you may be delighted to hear that we have integrated with Twinword Graph! As a results, if Twinword Graph fails to show definitions for a word, Wiktionary results will be shown instead.

Wiktionary (whose name is a blend of the words wiki and dictionary) is a multilingual, web-based project to create a free content dictionary of all words in all languages (Wikipedia). So in other words, you can now search for more than 500,000 word definitions via Twinword Graph. Wiktionary-logo_wpstyle-en_with_transparency

You can also try looking up the word “wiki” and see the new integration in action.

Do you like the new improvement we made? Drop us a comment below and tell us what you think! Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected] and share this news with your friends and family. We really appreciate your feedback!

Team Twinword
Team Twinword
Team Twinword built the first keyword research tool that can automatically detect user intent, topic, and pattern. The tool uses AI technology to automatically create keyword suggestion groups based user intent, detected topic and pattern, or a custom topic and pattern. Keyword research is faster with AI.

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