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Twinword Ideas just added a new feature to help you find what’s trending related to your company, product, or campaign. Under the “Trending” tab in Twinword Ideas, you can enter any topic, name, industry, or keywords to visualize what is currently trending.

Twinword Ideas Trending Tab Screenshot

Let’s take a look at some keyword trends. For warm ups, we searched what was trending for “Donald Trump” and “Hillary Clinton” and got the following two word maps.


Donald Trump Trends

Donald Trump Trending Word Map

With Donald Trump trends, we find that there is an interesting cluster grouping “trevor noah“, “the president show“, “carla herreria“, and the “daily show’ is fake“.

Let’s move on. Shall we?


Hillary Clinton Trends

Hillary Clinton Trending Word Map

With Hillary Clinton trends, we see that she is currently trending together with Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump because of CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter said that Ivanka is “becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways”. I’ll let those interested to research what she meant by that for themselves as we move onto marketing trends.


Marketing Trends

Marketing Trending Word Map

If we look for what’s trending for “marketing“, we find a word map showing lots of connection with recent social media platforms like Facebook Live and Snapchat. Recently, there has been a trend of including live streaming in many marketing strategies. Off to the bottom there is cluster linking Wonder Woman, DC, and Franchise Films. This is due to the fact that there was a recent news article that pointed out the lack of marketing for the movie compared to other films in the franchise.

Let’s continue.


Advertising TrendsAdvertising Trending Word Map

For advertising trends, we see an interesting cluster on the top right linking advertising with Facebook, Google, audience network, and game-changer. Recently, there was an article in Forbes that talks about Facebook’s plan of bringing its Audience Network to mobile web pages to challenge Google.

…and last but not least for all those SEOs out there.


Search Engine Trends

Search Engine Trending Word Map

Looking at what is trending along with “search engine“, we see the usual SEO, “search results”. We also see “customer behavior“, “video introductions“, and “page speed industry benchmarks“. As many know, page speed, the time it takes for a web page to load, has been important for search engine optimization for a while now. However, did you know that Google is now currently testing something called “suggested clips” in search results? It is supposed to be like how featured snippets in search results show a short section of a larger web page that directly answers questions searched. The suggested clip is a video and like featured snippets, Google will fast forward to the section of a video that directly answers the question searched. Sounds cool, huh!


List View and Tweets

If this new feature isn’t enough, you can also get statistics like search volume in list view of the trending tab (see screenshot below). On the right, there is also recent tweets feature that lists what twitter users are talking about on the topic, name, or keyword.

Twinword Ideas Trending Tab List Mode Screenshot

What are you waiting for, check out more trending keywords at Twinword Ideas.



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