SEO VS Email: Which One Is Right For You?



Marketers can not stress enough the importance of target audience and buyer persona. Indeed, these concepts define success of not only your marketing campaign, but business overall. Reaching out to customers has never been an easy job and this time marketing to millennial generation proves it right. Decision on target audience, thus will determine the most suitable direction for your marketing campaign. In this blog post, we will examine which way is the most effective: SEO or email?


1. SEO 

In SEO there is one point, that can not be ignored neither by marketers nor by customers. It simply does not feel like advertising. Customers search for specific information online and SEO here plays a role of an organic solution.  In case your business rely heavily on online search, you might want to relocate significant portion of your budget to SEO.


2. Email

Email marketing is not leaving a spotlight either. In fact, “email is the most direct way to reach audiences 1:1.” Email marketing has been evolving for years with sophisticated templates and catchy headline titles to increase open rate. If success of your business relies on promotions, discounts or word of mouth marketing, email is a way to go.

If have already chosen the right option for your business, you might want to give it a minute before you completely drop the second one. Think about how you can utilize the power of both campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Indeed, apart from SEO and marketing, there are other types of marketing campaigns, like social media or content marketing. So try to incorporate these four strategies to reach and stay connected to your audience. Again, the main point is how your business provides solution to people and how your product meet their needs. Invite new customers through organic SEO and utilize email marketing to turn them into clients.

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