There Are 6 Types Of Marketers. Which Of Them Is Your Type?

When someone says they are a marketer, what exactly do they do?

Marketing is a necessary function in every organization, big or small. Marketing is often associated with sales as marketing brings about awareness of the brand or product, to acquire and convert potential customers. Without sales, there will be no revenue and the company will cease to operate. Such importance is the role of marketing to a company.

Which of these 6 types of marketer are you?

Marketing can be a broad term covering various specialized areas. It differs greatly depending on the size of the organization. In a small firm, you can expect the marketer to be handling B2B marketing, B2C marketing, social media accounts, brand marketing, product marketing, content marketing, online & offline marketing, events marketing, and the list goes on. In bigger companies, however, marketing roles are more clearly defined.

Here are some common specialized marketing roles in large organizations. If you are interested in a challenging and dynamic career in marketing, you may wish to understand the different kinds of marketing roles available and what are their responsibilities before deciding which specialized field of marketing is for you.


Digital Marketer

A digital marketer as the name suggests, deals with all online aspects of marketing. Ranging from managing the company’s social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and etc.) to sending marketing emails to potential leads. They might also be required to design online marketing events and necessary promotional materials.


Social Media Marketer

Social media marketers in large organizations specialize in managing the various social accounts of the company, implementing marketing strategies to acquire more followers, ensuring constant updates and replying to customers’ feedback timely (in some cases responding to consumers’ technical difficulties).


Inbound Marketer

Inbound marketers are mainly concerned with creating and executing inbound marketing strategies to acquire leads (aka potential customers) with the aim to convert them into paying customers. Their responsibilities include understanding the wants of customers to the creation of quality content such as blog posts, e-books, and templates, materials that provide useful information for their target customers.


Content Marketer

Similar to an inbound marketer, but perhaps a little more specialized in content creation, content marketers are expected to produce high-quality content that answers the questions of the company’s potential customer. They are also required to design content in a way that it increases the company’s searchability / online presence. (aka Search Engine Optimization)

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Product Marketer

A product marketer’s responsibility centers around marketing the actual product of the company. It depends on whether the company is selling an actual product or a service, a product marketer can be expected to plan and launch marketing events both online and offline, with the aim to bring in sales. They also work with third-party agencies such as advertising firms to execute outbound marketing.


Brand Marketer

This is a broadly used title that could suggest a combination of both online and offline marketing, using all possible tools. The difference is that instead of zooming in and focusing on converting potential leads or increasing product sales, a brand marketer focuses on building a good brand name for the business. Their main job is to ensure that consumers’ perceived value of the brand is optimal. Some of their responsibilities include building relationships with business partners and the media. They are often required to have people skills and knowledge in customer relationship management. Social listening skill is also an important requirement of a brand marketer.

Generally in a small company, there are no defined roles for a marketer. On the other hand, in a large organization, there can be various marketing teams designated to focus on a specialized marketing role.

Which kind of marketing role is for you?



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