Top 5 Free SEO Auditing Tools for Your Website


Search engine optimization is playing an important role in websites and ranking keywords on landing pages. Auditing websites is not easy and very time consuming which is why you would need the help of certain tools to find problem areas within the website. I have listed my top 5 SEO auditing tools which I think are helpful for beginners in search engine optimization.



mysiiteausitor websiteWith Mysiteauditor’s tool you can generate free SEO report audits or white-label SEO reports. This tool can also be integrated on your website and generate more leads.

It is also directly compatible with Google’s algorithm. Mysiteauditor audits your webpages, not your entire website. It audits specific web pages or landing pages for any targeted keyword. This tool gives you feedback on what you should fix like tag descriptions or social media buttons.

• Free version: Yes (unlimited – 10 day trial – no credit card needed)
• Export to PDF option: Yes
• Email audit option: Yes
• Download your audits: Yes


SE Ranking


SE Ranking is an interesting tool. This tools tells you where there are errors in your website and makes a list of tasks to fix them. The SEO audit reports come with tip sections on what your website needs to improve.

With a subscription account you may check up to 5000 pages per month and checks not only the front page, but all the pages of the website. One interesting thing is that you can re-start the website audit if the results of the audit are outdated.

You can monitor all the backlinks of your website, avoid filters that may be applied by the Search Engines and increase your link popularity with the backlinks section. Without a subscriptions, 1000 backlinks per month are analysed free of charge.

SE Ranking includes SMM, a module for managing social networks: analytics, auto-posting and fantastic time-savings. With auto-posting you can set links, images, tags and the news will be published on the selected social networks and groups on the scheduled time.

They also have a very easy-to-learn interactive demo to help you get started.

• Free version: Yes (14  day trial – no credit card needed)
• Export to PDF option: Yes
• Email audit option: Yes
• Download your audits: Yes




With WooRank you can monitor relevant recommendations for top web pages and all results are available to export the report and download it as presentation slides. If you want to generate a large number of reports, you would need to purchase a subscription. This tool is very helpful for small business owners.

The only thing I do not like about this tool is that you have to enter credit card information to be able to use the trial.

• Free version: Yes (14 day trial – credit card needed)
• Export to PDF option: No
• Email audit option: No
• Download your audits: No


Marketing Grader

website grader

Marketing Grader is a tool that grades your site based on performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security. Formally known as Website Grader, it was founded by HubSpot, Inc. and is very easy to use.

This tool not only scans your entire website, but also your social media, blog, SEO and mobile website. Marketing Grader gives back very detailed reports telling you where the problems are and what you should fix.

• Free version: Yes (unlimited – 30 day trial – no credit card needed)
• Export to PDF option: No
• Email audit option: No
• Download your audits: No




SEOptime reports critical errors and recommendations on how to improve your search ranking. It also has a plug-in on chrome to make it easier to audit webpages. SEOptimer audits your website based on performance, UI/mobile, SEO, social and security. You can also update data in real-time.

This gives suggestions on what to fix  by using graphs and charts. It also gives you feedback on your social media.

• Free version: Yes (unlimited with a 14 day white label trial – no credit card needed)
• Export to PDF option: Yes
• Email audit option: Yes
• Download your audits: Yes


So which one is the best?

Most tool will be good at somethings while other tools will be good at others.

Personally, I like the SE Ranking tool because it lets you try it out using the demo without signing up for the free trial and gives you a detailed report about your website.

You can try out these tools and compare which tools tell you the same errors on your website. Using an auditing tool can help improve your SEO ranking on certain webpages you are targeting.

Tell us your experience with these tools! If you have any suggestions, questions or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment down below.


Bonus Round: Twinword Ideas

screenshot of tw ideas

If you need help on your target keywords, Twinword’s keyword research tool can find latent semantically indexed keywords to improve your website. This keyword research tool is for SEO and PPC marketing that can be sorted by search volume, relevance or user intent with filters such as ”know” and “local.”

If you are not familiar with keyword research and how to do it, then check out this article on How to Do LSI Keyword Research with Twinword Ideas tool!

• Free version: Yes (Basic plan – no credit card needed)
• Export to Excel option: Yes
• Email audit option: No
• Download your keywords: Yes



Mahum Ali
Mahum Ali
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