What Are The Benefits Of Blogging For Businesses?

The topic of blogging itself is still a mystery for many companies, who is new to online marketing. Indeed, we stumble upon this phrase multiple times online: “content is a king”. However, do we fully understand the benefits of blogging?  Below are three reasons revealing the power of content generation and why every business should incorporate a blog into their website.


1. Grow Website Traffic

If you are looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to your website or acquire new customers, then blogging is worth checking out. There are two major reasons to it:


Search Engines

New blog post equals to one more page on your website that is indexed by Google. Instead of three links, you can have several more popping up in the search engines. This is called visibility and keywords here play a major role. You can of course write naturally, but it never hurts to see if your content is missing any high traffic keywords and also if its missing any LSI keywords that will help boost your article’s relevance for a topic in the eyes of search engines.


Social Media

Writing a quality blog post not only helps people find your website through Google or Bing, it also allows your content to be shared on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are great social platforms where your loyal customers can become advocates of your product and tell others about your solution to the outside world. Blog content is both evergreen and shareable.


2. Increase Potential Leads

The most common question about blogging is “how does blogging help me sell more?” In short, a blog is an opportunity for your business to convert the traffic into leads. Writing about a topic relevant to your industry brings knowledge seekers to your site. These readers are potential customers, especially if your content targets what your ideal customer persona is wanting to read about.

The next step is the have some sort of call to action in the blog post. This is where you link to your product in relevant ways. In example is if your post is a step-by-step guide to accomplishing something, you can include your product as a tool used in the example. Naturally, users who follow your comprehensive guide will use the tool you mention.


3. Establish Authority

Another blogging benefit that is worth sharing is the fact that it builds authority. Indeed, this part can not be achieved overnight. It requires commitment, quality content, unique insights and continuous input. With authority, the main goal of your blog post is to provide valuable insights. Your content can answer the most challenging questions or provide unique tips to overcome common obstacles. This entices your users to subscribe and return often to your website for valuable information. They may even point others toward your direction through posting links to your page on their own web sites. This point is especially relevant to small and middle-size businesses to gain credibility. Use your blog to become seen as an expert in your industry and at the same time help others to become one also.


More Benefits

Indeed, the three listed above are not the only perks of blogging. Once you start generating content on a daily basis, you will gradually notice a change in your website traffic from both organic and social channels.

Start writing now and see the results yourself! Begin with checking this source on how to build a content marketing machine and share your tips on blogging in the comments down below.



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